Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 1, 2002


ocworkbench.com: Chaintech 7SID BIOS to support for XP2000+ ~ XP2200+

Quote, "Chaintech 7SID0 BIOS Date: 2002/2/7  Feature: 1. Support AMD CPU XP 2000+ ,2100+ and 2200+ . http://www.chaintech.com.tw/AP/BIOS/model.asp?model=7sid0"


viahardware.com: MXI G4MX440-T Video Card Review

Quote, "... this card is based on the GeForce4 MX440 graphics solution and is targeted at those who are looking for a good 3D card but are on an even more constrained budget. The MSI card will run you just under $100, and is easier on your wallet than a Ti4400 or Ti4600 card."


lanaddict.com: MultiPlayCity Case Badge Kit

Quote, "With case modification as popular as it is, a do it yourself case badge kit is a good idea. Usually only another spot for Dell or Gateway to stick its logo, case badges on custom systems donít usually extend beyond CPU or case manufacturers. The MultiPlayCity Case Badge Kit is designed to allow users to design their own badge."


socketa.com: Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Review

Quote, "The chipset upgrade is only part of the improvements and tweaks to Soyo's Dragon line.  The addition of USB 2, ATA133, and the additional power for the AGP improve upon the board.  Take all of the previous impressive features of the previous Dragon boards and Soyo is able to keep up with the improved Asus A7V333.  Soyo has met the challenge and put out yet another excellent Socket A motherboard."


amdzone.com: Lian Li PC-6083a Midtower Case Review

Quote, "I can say I am very impressed with the case.  With superb construction, top notch cooling and excellent access coupled with lightweight and a tad of flare, this case is in a class of its own.  The only thing that could hamper everybody from running out and buying this case is its cost, which is still reasonable considering that high quality and features do not come for free.  Lian Li has definitely raised the bar once again for cases."


hardware-test.dk: Review of Hercules Radeon AIW 8500

Quote, "What first comes to mind is that this is a nice card. However this is not a card that will appeal to gamers or overclockers. But in spite of this the card impressed me enormously. If I had to categorise it, I would have to say that it is a multimedia card. You can almost plug anything to this card: TV-Out, Video-In, antenna and firewire."



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