Mario Responds to Reader's Letter

By Mario Rodrigues

Date: May 1, 2002


From: Dennis Mendonca

To: Mario Rodrigues

I've been an F1 fan for the past 10 years, a Schumi fan for the past 5 and an AMD fan for the past 3....

Exactly what is AMD's contribution to Ferrari's performance this year other than to be a minor sponsor and also to provide computers for use at the pits ? Are AMD PCs also being used for design of the cars ? Is it fair on your part to credit AMD with being the main reason for Ferrari's success now ? If yes, what do you credit Ferrari's success in previous years to ? And when are you going to acknowledge that one of the main reasons for Ferrari's success is the brilliance of their main driver ?

Dennis Mendonca



From: Mario Rodrigues

To: Dennis Mendonca


Thank you for your email.

As I said in VHJ's story: "AMD's sponsorship deal with Ferrari provides the Formula One team with support in all areas of computer technology with particular emphasis on engineering data processing and analysis." I think that contributes in part to Ferrari's performance and hence its success. AMD may not be a major sponsor, but what they contribute is important.

Remember that VHJ is an IT publication, so news will be published from that perspective. AMD made a great strategic decision when it chose to sponsor Ferrari, and should rightly reap the benefits of that association. VHJ will of course highlight those successes.

I did fully acknowledge the contribution of Michael Schumacher, and yes, he is a key individual in Ferrari's success. Nevertheless, Ferrari is a team, something that Schumacher fully acknowledges. Every one, who contributes, from the janitor to the chief engineer, is important to Ferrari's overall success.

Ferrari's past success is important and should not be forgotten, but we live and work in today's world. AMD were not part of Ferrari's successful past, but they certainly are today. Today and tomorrow's successes are the demands of an expectant Ferrari audience. Like all other contributors, AMD will continue to play its part in Ferrari's continued success.





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