Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 29, 2002


ocworkbench.com: ECS K7S5A MOD BIOS Posted

Information on the bios update posted. The BIOS can be downloaded at this page.

hardwareluxx.com: Epox M762A Tested

Quote, "Epox did a very good job with the AMD760MPX, the board was quite fast compared to the ASUS, MSI and Tyan we tested before, even if itīs just able to use registered ECC-DDR-SDRAM." In German.


viahardware.com: ECS A900 Desknote Review

Quote, "What exactly is a Desknote? ECS's Desknote is a hybrid Desktop/Notebook containing some attributes of each which make this an interesting product. Including some upgradeability of a desknote, along with multiple ports and desktop like pricing in a laptop package. With no internal battery, you won't be using the Desknote on any plane rides, but at the price ECS is positioning this unit, it could be an interesting sell. The hardware platform consists of a C3 processor on a SiS chipset with PC133 memory and onboard graphics/sound/lan/video. But does the Desknote concept make sense?"


ipkonfig.com: Chenming 601AE Black Server Case (Review)

Quote, "Looking for a full tower case with every possible option? Well, look no more! After hours and hours of research into what would satisfy me and most other people, I settled on the Chenming 601AE Black Server Tower from kdcomputers.com. This review will take you through some of the nooks and crannies of this case, and you will see why I think it could be the one for you, too."


reviewmakers.com: Review of GlacialTech Igloo 2400 Heatsink

Quote, "The board sports a dark brown PCB and possess many nice features such as ATA133 RAID, USB 2.0, LAN onboard, CMedia 6 Channel sound and SPDIF in/out. Due to an BIOS bug hindering higher FSB overclocking, we have delayed our review several times and SOYO is currently looking at it. Hopefully there can be an update on this review soon with some nice overclocking results."


teccentral.de: Tiger Miprocool II Review

Quote, "We have tested the new Tiger Miprocool II. Now also he is made of copper for a better heat-drainage. The fan was updated. The new fan works very quitly. It is a very interesting construction." Translated from German to Engish at babelfish.


planet3dnow.com: Asus V8460 Ultra TD (GeForce4 Ti 4600) Review

Quote, "We took their V8460 Ultra TD on a spin through out testing labs in order to find out if paying a high price justifies the performance you get." In German.


overclockers.com.au: Waterfall PC!

Quote, "This PC has a waterfall cooler inside it, similar to a tower-style bong, but falling across the inside of the case.. and over a motherboard full of components complete with lit LED's etc. Hard to explain fully, just check it out. :)"


penstarsys.com: NVIDIA Today: Growth Interrupted

Quote, "We are quickly entering what may be known as the Second Golden Age of 3D Graphics, with a handful of major chip releases that will challenge NVIDIA's lineup from top to bottom.  We take a look at NVIDIA's current position, their goals, and their apparent business strategy.  All of this makes for some very interesting reading."


planet3dnow.com: QDI USBDisk 2.0

In German.



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