Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 26, 2002


ocworkbench.com: ABIT AT7 Tweak Guide


vr-zone.com: ABIT AT7 Overclocking Review

Quote, "VR-Zone has done up an overclocking review on the ABIT AT7 board based on the VIA KT333CE chipset. We have taken a close look at its overclockability and the possible ways to voltage mod on this board. We have compared the memory performance of this board against 4 other KT333 boards like EPoX 8K3A+, Shuttle AK35GTR v2.2, SOYO KT333 DRAGON Ultra and AOpen AK77-333. Also, to check out AT7 max overclockability, we have pushed the FSB all the way up to 210Mhz with a VMem of just 2.85V."


lanaddict.com: Game Controllers: What's next?

Quote, "Whenever you mention game controllers, 3 things come to my mind. Saitek, Logitech, and the Microsoft Sidewinder Series. Maybe itís because theyíre the best, maybe itís because I own a piece(s) from each company. I did a little investigation into the new lineups for this year coming out of these three controller big-leaguers."


amdmb.com: PC3000 Memory Comparison

Quote, "Amdmb.com has posted a comparison of five different brand of high speed DDR memory. In our PC3000 Memory Comparison we showcase how the Corsair, Crucial, Kingmax, Mushkin and OCZ differ in performance.  The results may surprise quite a few people."


vr-zone.com: SOYO KT333 DRAGON Ultra Review

Quote, "The board sports a dark brown PCB and possess many nice features such as ATA133 RAID, USB 2.0, LAN onboard, CMedia 6 Channel sound and SPDIF in/out. Due to an BIOS bug hindering higher FSB overclocking, we have delayed our review several times and SOYO is currently looking at it. Hopefully there can be an update on this review soon with some nice overclocking results."



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