Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 25, 2002


ocworkbench.com: Update Gigabyte 7VRXP Review

Quote, "We updated the review with charts comparing the various benchmarks of the KT333 boards. They include: ASUS A7V333, ABIT AT7, Gigabyte 7VRXP, MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU, Shuttle AK35GTRv2.2 and SOYO KT333 Dragon Ultra."


cpureview.com: Computer Editorial -  Up In Smoke

Quote, "You can have really great computer gear, but all it takes is one transient spike too fast for the surge protector and you can lose all your files!"


hardwareluxx.com: Chieftech AX - 01SLD "CS601" Aluminium Case

Quote, "Perhaps you know the Chieftech-Cases - this new one is made of aluminium and is easy to carry to every LAN party. It looks great and it offers best usability with the well known Chieftech-features." In German.


hardwareluxx.com: PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4600

Quote, "The PNY Geforce 4 Ti4600 is surely one of the most interesting VGA cards available on the market at the moment. We tested this pixel-monster and compared it with the Gainward Geforce 4 Ti4600 and the Leadtek Geforce 4 Ti4600." In German.


hardwarepub.com: Thermaltake Volcano 7+

Quote, "This heatsink forges a new path for the Volcano line, being the first to strut its stuff with an entirely copper sink, rather than an insert like the original Volcano 7, and both Volcano 6 Cu models. The sink has 36 fins for maximum surface area exposed to the fan in a rather apocryphal naming scheme called "tiny fin" technology."


amdzone.com: CompUSA/Intel P4M document

Quote, "I've received a copy of a notice sent to CompUSA stores ordering that P4M powered notebooks get the prime positions for display. It clearly states that CompUSA's contract with Intel will provide them with payment if they comply with the placement demands. This is quite an interesting document to read that gives further insight into how both Intel and CompUSA operate."


amdzone.com: Hammer Article

Quote, "It covers my trip to IDF where I saw ClawHammer in action, and the CPUs for both ClawHammer and SledgeHammer. It also covers today's announcement about SledgeHammer's official name, Opteron, as well as Microsoft's collaberation with AMD on support for the Hammer family. I go over a portion of the AMD presentation for this release and the roadmap which has been altered to show the new Opteron name as well as the push to make single CPU ClawHammer parts take on the Athlon name."

amdzone.com: Review of Custom Light Strips for PCs


reviewmakers.com: Review of Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Motherboard

Quote, "This motherboard comes with 6-channel audio support, 8 USB ports where 4 of them are USB2.0, HighPoint RAID controller, on-board LAN and a host of other useful features. We pitted this board with some other boards and were impressed with what we saw."

amdmb.com: AMD Opteron Processor Overview

Quote, "In this article you will find a lot of information on the line of products as well as the status of the Microsoft 64-bit Windows support."


hardwarepub.com: Nexland WaveBase Review

Quote, "Working from home while utilizing a corporate VPN is another opportunity very appealing to many users as well. The Nexland WaveBase offers CAT5 10/100 and 802.11b access to a shared, secured internet connection."


planet3dnow.de: PCI-Performance/Compatibility

Quote, "We did a massive repetition test of our PCI compatibility check. Some mainboards failed there in the past. Now we've tested them again with latest drivers and bioses... " In German.


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