Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 24, 2002


overclockers.com.au: 75GXP HDD Autopsy

Quote, "This is the actuator arm, which moves the drive heads around the disk surface. I've removed it from it's assembly, so that the carefully coiled wires can be clearly seen - when these wires have a current passed through them, the magnetic field created by the extremely powerful permanent magnets I mentioned before causes the coil to be pushed or pulled back and forth between the magnets - this is how the drive heads are positioned to read and write on the platters as they spin."


bit-tech.net: Matrix Orbital NK204-V budget LCD

Quote, "For $47 this LCD could outstrip all its competition with just its ease of use and its great software support, but it doesn't stop there. I hope I've shown you how useful both the keypad interface and GPO's are, and when you combine the inclusion of these features with the quality of service Matrix Orbital provide, this really is a must buy if you're wanting something in the LCD department."


pchardware.ro: Epox 8K3A+ Motherboard / KT333 Review

Quote, "If you are a hardcore overclocker that’s the motherboard for you, both the Vcore and DDR voltages can be increased to high values, 2.200V and 3.200V respectively. The motherboard stability is also excellent, although the performance improvement showed by KT333 is not impressing."


penstarsys.com: Shuttle AK35GTR Review

Quote, "I was able to advance the board up to 166 MHz before it became unstable. I originally used the Mushkin High Performance PC2100 DDR rev. 3 DIMM, but for some reason the board wouldn’t boot beyond 146 MHz with that particular memory. When I used a generic stick that worked fine at 160 MHz+, the board booted right up. 166 MHz is a very impressive feat with any motherboard."


viahardware.com: Will Gaming And Film-making Intersect?

Quote, "We've posted a piece on the potential intersection of digital film-making and computer gaming."

lostcircuits.com: ASUS A7V333

Quote, "For the consumer, the bigger question is whether the A7V333 is worth the upgrade from any existing platform as well as whether there are any new bugs to watch out for. The answers are yes and yes ......"

tecchannel.de: AMD Germany Says Duron Still Available In 2003

Quote, "You all might remember Jerry Sanders´ statements at the conference call last week. Well, AMD Germany elaborated on that a little further today. AMD in fact wants to bring the Athlon XP to lower price regions. But, according to their spokesman Jan Gütter here, there are no plans to outright cancel the Duron in 2002." In German.


extremetech.com: Syscheck - Tools That Make Your System Or Network Secure

Quote, "One-stop shopping for all the utilities and sites that can help you make your system or network as tight and secure as possible."


hardwareluxx.com: ASUS P4S533 and Soyo K7V Dragon Ultra 

Quote, "... mainboards in a photoshooting on hardwareluxx.com with all it´s specifications and high res pictures." In German.



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