Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 22, 2002


hardwareluxx.com: Epox 8K3A+ Review

Quote, "We tested the Epox 8K3A+ against several other KT333 mainboards and discovered incompatibilities between Windows XP and the Geforce 3 on the KT333 board. On the other hand, the Epox 8K3A+ reached 208 Mhz FSB - so if you are an overclocker, there is surely nothing better on the market." In German. Benchmarks start on page 8.


ipkonfig.com: Asus GeForce3 V8200 Ti500 Deluxe Video Card (Review)

Quote, "This card, however, has gone beyond expectations, beyond its limits, and surpassed a gamer's dream. The Asus V8200 Ti500 Deluxe is more than just a video card; it's a peace of Asus art work!"


viahardware.com: WinHEC 2002 Coverage

Quote, "We have posted our coverage from WinHEC 2002."


amdmb.com: DFI AD73 KT266A Motherboard Review

Quote, "The DFI AD73 motherboard has a strong list of advantages but also some of the disadvantages that go along with it. First, for the strengths of this board: it is a great performance motherboard. Though it certainly is not the top performer motherboard you can buy, its benchmarks showed it to be close to the fastest KT266A motherboard we have tested as well as closer to the KT333 chipset than some users would have realized. The other big plus the DFI motherboard gets is cost. You can find the AD73 motherboard for less than $80 the same cannot be said for the KR7A motherboard. The RAID version also keeps the user with more options for system expandability."


4peeps.com: Win an Asus A7V333 and an AMD Athlon XP1900+ 

Quote, "All you have to do is follow the contest rules...."


reviewmakers.com: Review of CoolerMaster Alps HHC-L61 Silent Heatpipe Heatsink

Quote, "Basically this heatsink uses the same copper heatsink as in their HHC-001 but with a much slower and quieter fan. In this review, we will compare this heatsink with some other silent heatsinks and to also verify if CoolerMaster still uses the same heatpipe technology that were used in the HHC-001."


ocworkbench.com: ABIT KX7-333 Information

ABIT KX7-333 Information posted by overclocker on Saturday at 15:07.


socketa.com: Soyo MB First Look

Quote, "Soyo has made a couple of modifications including an additional power connector, USB 2, and switching to Highpoint RAID instead of Promise. They also benefit from ATA133 and DDR333 support thanks to the new VIA chipsets."


amdzone.com: Ahanix Rare XG Midtower Case Review

Quote, "Ahanix has the made some of the most attractive basic cases I have seen.  The two tone coloration makes the case look like it belongs in a futuristic movie instead of sitting on user's desk."


hardware-test.dk: MSI KT3 ULTRA-ARU Review

Quote, "MSI's new KT333 based motherboard has already drawn a lot of attention from all over the world. We've taken a look at this nice motherboard."


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