Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 19, 2002


ocworkbench.com: Gallery of Chaintech AG441 GF4 MX440 


hardware-test.dk: MSI G4MX440-T Review

Quote, 'All things considered you have a good performance using this card, even though it is the slowest one in the review. In my conviction MSIs GeForce4 MX440 is cheaper then Gainwards, so this should justify this."


teccentral.de: Alpha Pal 6035 Super Silent

The Alpha Pal 6035 Super Silent is based on the normal Alpha Pal 6035 cool-body, but in this version it has a Papst 8412 NGML fan. Translation through babelfish.


penstarsys.com: VisionTek Xtasy Everything Review

Quote, "The VisionTek Xtasy Everything features NVIDIA's Personal Cinema, packaged with a GeForce 2 MX 400 with dual monitor capabilities.  This is NVIDIA's first real foray into the world of enthusiast video editing and digital video recording.  It includes such features as a remote, a breakout box, and high quality recording from all types of media."


ocworkbench.com: The Battle of Color - Sony Ericsson T68i vs Samsung SGH-T100 (1)

Quote, "We are moving into an era where mobile phones are like an object of desire. Smooth curves, animated screen saver, polyphonic ring tones are fast becoming the norm within a few short months since the launch of Ericsson T68m. The mobile phone is not longer is a tool for just communication. It's a lifestyle package offering entertainment such as games, camera, MP3 player and to top it off, a color screen! Let's get on with it and meet our contenders."


ocworkbench.com: Triplex XabrePRO AGP 8x

In Chinese with benchmark.


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