Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 18, 2002


ocworkbench.com: Chaintech A-GT61 GF4 Ti4600 Review 

Quote, "The performance of this card is excellent just like any GF4 Ti4600 cards out there. As we have seen, the peak is reached and unless we super cool it and blowing cool air onto it. It will not help us to push the card to higher mem/ram clocks. The maximum we attained in our tests is 155/728 which is rock stable. The tool provided Turbogfx makes it easy to tune it up but it doesn't seem to allow 1Mhz stepping as it jumps to the nearest clock. e.g. I wanted to adjust to 365(730) it only allows me the option of 364 (728) or 368 (736). This is probably a software bug which can be resolved."


viahardware.com: Taking the Leap: Why it's time for Apple to move to x86

Quote, “There’s also the question of how long Apple wants to stay with the G4’s technology.  SDRAM and 133 MHz bus speeds are now quite dated, but redesigning the CPU to take advantage of DDR and new bus transport technology would be a considerable task.  With both Intel and AMD pushing into the 64-bit market this year, Apple runs the risk of being left behind if they continue to back a 32-bit-only technology much longer—but there’s still no word yet on whether or not the G5 will be ready in time, or if it will deliver its promised performance.”


penstarsys.com: 64 Bit Top to Bottom Article

Quote, "Ok, with all of the AMD announcements flying around, as well as all the rumors and inuendo that we have been seeing, I have been trying to piece together AMD's strategy for this fall.  Things just did not seem right with the lack of Thoroughbred processors, and their poor performance so far in the notebook sector.  When looking into this situation, I was able to put a few pieces together and come up with a theory on what AMD is doing behind closed doors (and what they don't want us to know)."


overclockers.com: iCute Aluminum Power Supplies Review

Quote, "The iCute 300W PSU (with product number AL-3000P4) has an all aluminum construction. This alu material makes the PSU weigh much less compared to other similar power supplies. To cool down the PSU and to get rid of tons of hot air from inside the case, iCute has chosen to install one 80mm fan on the bottom of the PSU next to the normal one at the backside. I'd like to note that both 80mm fans are fully temperature controlled and they both come with fan brackets. The alu construction looks and is very smooth without sharp sides that might result in bloody fingers."


amdzone.com: AMD Q1 2002 Earnings Press Release, And Notes From The Earnings Conference Call


hardwarepub.com: OCZ PC3200 DDR RAM


ocworkbench.com: SiS 33x Xabre Graphics Chipset First View

Quote, "We translated an article from the manufacturer and posted it here. There is a performance difference between GF4 MX440 vs Xabre 400."


monster-hardware.com: Microlithography

Quote, "This article deals with Microlithography, which as you may know is the process of laying down an image on a silicon wafer."




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