Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 17, 2002


ocworkbench.com: Want A Greenpc ?


thinktechie.com: RecordNow Max Review

Quote, "...if you really want to make something special is RecordNow Max capable? As I looked further into this software I was quite amazed. Features like DJ-Burn, VCD(Video CD, Mpeg-1) creation, DVD Burning capability, and a wide variety of others."


penstarsys.com: Gigabyte GA-7VTXH+ Review

Quote, "The GA-7VTXH+ was designed to address this opening market, and it seems to have hit it spot on. It is based on the VIA KT-266A chipset for the AMD Athlon processor. One of the first things a user notices is how compact the layout of the board is as compared to other Athlon based boards."


overclockers.com.au: A4 Tech Wireless Optical 3DMouse

Quote, "Yes, this mouse includes a USB cable to charge the batteries in your mouse! The mouse includes 2xAAA rechargable NiMH batteries that A4 Tech claim will charge in 2 and a half hours, and last up to 10 days. Not only that - people without a USB port are in no way left in the dark. Even though the USB cable is the only charger included, recent model Nokia phone chargers can be used! And that also means when the USB cable is not being used to charge the mouse, you can plug your Nokia phone into the charger cable! I find this feature is a brilliant idea."


BlargOC.com: ZyXEL Prestige 645R ADSL Router Review

Quote, "After recent price cuts by BT of the BTwholesale ADSL package ISP's have commenced battle to offer customers the cheapest ADSL package available. Many now have it down to the 20 p/month mark and are doing a roaring trade."


boycottrambus.com: Crucial PC2700 Now Available

Quote, "Crucial now has PC2700 available in 128MB and 256MB sticks. I have full details at my site."


amdzone.com: AMD's Barton Contains 512kb of L2 Cache

AMD has posted a roadmap that reveals that Barton, their .13 micron SOI Athlon will have 512kb of L2 cache.



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