Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 16, 2002


pchardware.ro: Gigabyte Maya AR64S-H Review

Quote, "Based on ATI Radeon 7500LE this video card features an impressive package for a budget video card."


viahardware.com: Video Chipset Analytical Comparison

Quote, "We have posted up an article that discusses the current video chipsets and compares them to each other to see which is the best choice for you as a consumer."


hardavenue.com: Actiontec Wireless USB

Quote, ""The previous hassles of networking with cables, which include messy setups, confusion on cable types etc (i.e. physical) are eliminated in a simple, palm sized piece of plastic with a USB cord sprouting at the rear"


lostcircuits.com: ASUS P4S333 Review

Quote, "With the P4S333, ASUS fills the void for a high performance P4 DDR board in their repertoire. Using the SIS 645 chipset, the P4S333 offers an extreme of memory bandwidth in streaming applications, courtesy of the 3:5 (FSB:memory) ratio, which allows to run the memory bus at 166 MHz without even overclocking. Compared to the equivalent Soyo Dragon Ultra, the P4S333 is not as fashionable but offers excellent functionality, performance, stability and compatibility, even with the GeForce4. In terms of performance, the high memory bus speed is bought with high latencies that won't affect performance in some streaming applications but will slow down the system in standard applications. Overall, the P4S333 is an extremely high quality board with the potential to bring out the best of any Pentium4 CPU."


4peeps.com: Asus A7V333 and an AMD Athlon XP1900+ Giveaway

Quote, "Our next giveaway will be an Asus A7V333 and an AMD Athlon XP1900+.  All you have to do is go to http://www.4peeps.com and reply to the link to be eligible.  


ebns.com: MHz Rating Coming To AMD's Duron

Quote, "EBNS has details about AMD using the MHz rating system on the Duron when the P4 Celerons come out. They also indicate that AMD has no plans to raise the 266MHz bus speed, and an analyst comments that AMD seems to be waiting on the Hammer instead."


teccentral.de: Config Guide for the Epox 8K3A /+

Quote, "This Guide contains many tips for a better performance and more of stability." Translation through babelfish.


hardwarepub.com: CoolerMaster Rounded Cables

Quote, "Cooler Master is most certainly a player in the computer market, and now they have released a new line of rounded cables with which to beautify one's case, and increase it's airflow."


vr-zone.com: High Performance DDR SDRAM Roundup

Quote, "VR-Zone has done up a roundup on the best DDR SDRAM currently out in the market and this time we took Corsair, Mushkin, Samsung, KingMax, Micron and Winbond for a spin. We have used the EPoX 8K3A+ and done some very high FSB overclocking of over 200Mhz and stress test the memories using most aggressive memory settings of 2-2-2-5-1."


overclockers.com.au: Asus V8460 Ultra (GeForce4 Ti4600) Review

Quote, "Today OCAU has reviewed Asus's GeForce4 Ti4600 offering, their V8460 Ultra. This review covers performance and overclocking and also looks at the nView feature of this card including dual-monitor support and transparent windows."



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