Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 12, 2002


ocworkbench.com: ABIT AT7 Review

Quote, "The wait is over. ABIT launches its AT7 KT333 mainboard. As you know, ABIT AT7 is an innovative product that breaks the tradition with innovation. ABIT introduces the MAX concept. It is a revolutionary design which changes what we have in mind of the traditional and legacy mainboard. One of the most revolutionary change is the doing away of PS/2 connectors for mouse and keyboard. In replacement is the USB ports for keyboard and mouse. Incorporating the HPT374 4 channel IDE RAID chipset, ABIT makes it as the first company to implement a 4 channels UDMA ATA/133 RAID. Wth the already on board 2 channel on board ATA-133 (up to 4 driver), the system can basically hook up to 8 IDE devices on RAID 0/1/0+1 and 4 IDE devices using the on board 2 channel IDE conncetors supported by the VIA 8233A southbridge. Another important change is the IEEE 1394a and USB 2.0 on board."


teccentral.de: Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Review

This board is based on the new SIS 645 chipset for socket 478. Translated from German at babelfish.


bluesmoke.net: Preliminary Benchmarks: VIA C3 Versus Transmeta TM5600


ipkonfig.com: Dr. Thermal Extreme! Review

Quote, "... a look at the latest heatsink mod from CrazyPC; the Dr. Thermal Extreme. How does a Dr. Thermal heatsink topped off with a massive Delta fan sound?"


planet3dnow!.de: EPoX EP-8K3A+ (VIA KT333CE)

In German.


pchardware.ro: PC Hardware New Site Launch / BEST WINS contest

Quote, "PC Hardware launch this week a new website. To celebrate this launch which includes many new features and improvements, we decided to organize a contest for our users."


thinktechie.com: Cygnus_X-1 Takes A Look At The ATI Radeon 8500

Quote, "We got our hands on an 8500 from ATI, and Cygnus_X_1 had some time to play with it.


zzz.com.ru: ZZZ Issue 124

Quote, "What would our world be without big plasma creating machines, fuel-less thrusters, and oversized walkmen? Well, probably no different at the moment...but who knows, maybe one of these things will change our lives in the future. Issue 124 covers all three, and we hope you find them either interesting, or at least laugh at the fact that such ideas exist."



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