Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: April 10, 2002


ocworkbench.com: ASUS 645DX Mainboard Gallery

Lots and lots of pictures.


overclockers.com.au: nVIDIA Video Card Overclocking with CoolBits

This article covers installation and usage of the CoolBits registry patch for overclocking nVIDIA-based video cards with Detonator drivers. There are plenty of screenshots and they use a GeForce4 Ti4600 and a TNTU for examples, with some tips on using CoolBits in video card reviews.


ocworkbench.com: ABIT AT7 Gallery

Lots and lots of pictures.


amdzone.com: Asus A7V333 Review

Quote, "I've posted up my review of the Asus A7V333 and I must say that it is impressive. There are so many more hardware extras than the A7V266-E that you will likely be unable to use them all. The price is right too at under $150."


ocworkbench.com: ASUS P4S533 SiS645DX Mainboard Exclusive Review

Quote, "The ASUS P4S533 has some neat features that needs a mention. First it uses the newer 961B south bridge which brings ATA-133 support to this board. LAN is built on board which is definitely a plus point for broadband users. There is a also a voice diagnostic which will read out what is wrong with your system. The 6 Channel audio is excellent providing a simple home entertainment solution. Most importantly by virtue of SiS645DX, running memory at Async 166 is possible. Async 200 works but relatively unstable and you would need to reduce the ram timings and pump up some voltages."


hardwareluxx.de: AMD Chipset Roundup Posted

Quote, "The following mainboards were tested, ASUS A7V333 with VIA KT333-Chipset, ASUS A7N266-C with nForce 415D-Chipset, Iwill XP333+ Rev. 2.1 with ALiMAGiK C1-Chipset and the MSI 745 Ultra with SiS745-Chipset." In German.


overclockers.com.au: Sony CRX1600LEK i.Link/FireWire CDRW Drive

Quote, "Why review a 12X CDRW in this era of 40X drives, you wonder? Because this one is connected via i.Link, AKA FireWire and comes with its own external caddy. Just the thing for laptops or pressed-for-space machines!"


theinquirer.net: Intel Banias Chip Introductions

Facts about the Banias mobile chips and the Odem and Montara GM chipsets.



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