Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 21, 2002


Digital-Explosion.co.uk:  Digital-Explosion Does It's Chipset HSF

Quote, "... here's a simple guide on replacing your chipset's Heat Sink / Heat Sink & Fan."


amdmd.com: Mini LCD Monitor Review

Quote, "Case modders will no doubt find it fun and entertaining to have a stylish LCD screen on the side, front or top of the case that connect to the computer via a simple RCA cable."


kaypro.otakupc.com: Project k-Pro Kingmax Memory Review

Quote, "Kingmax has labeled its RAM with its own brand name in the case of our review sample [PC2100 memory], so I have absolutely no idea who made the chips that inhabit the board, or if it is actually Kingmax themselves who manufactured the chips."


theinquirer.net: AMD Lowers Prices - Bargain Giveaway

Quote, "As part of a phased move to its new processor

families, AMD introduced new distributor prices today edit: Wednesday, March 20]. That means bargains for the boxed parts, which include three year warranties, fans and the like.


penstarsys.com: AMD Today: Strengths from Weaknesses

Quote, "This article takes a very in depth look at AMD's position and the possibilities that the near future will bring


thinktechie.com: Cooler Guys Licensed Marvel Comics Fan Grills

Quote, "We were one of the first to recive prototype Spiderman and Punisher laser cut, anodized fan grills. They are licensed by Marvel, and look just AWESOME!"


cuttingtheedge.com: Hidden Vob File Found on Xbox Discs

Quote, "They (CuttingTheEdge.com) even photoshopped a few images to see what they could pull off. ... They even give you a link that has all the utilities you would need to rip the vob file yourself and watch the movie."


bench-house.com: ABIT BD7-RAID in Depth Review

Quote, "Out of all the motherboard reviews I have read recently this must be the most technical one of them all. Almost every chip has been thoroughly explained - especially the 4-phase CPU power supply section that premiered with this motherboard. That is only one of the novelties BD7 introduces ....


amdzone.com: SuSE Announces Hammer OS Support to Coincide with CPU's Release

Quote, "SuSE has announced that they will be ready with their Hammer support with an X86-64 version of their Linux distro when the CPU is released late this year."



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