Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 18, 2002


bit-tech.net: Brightest LED on the planet

Quote, "In a BiT-Tech world exclusive, you'll get the linear guided tour of the Luxeon Star/O, the brightest LED on earth. This is technology at its very coolest."


ipKonfig.com: Directron Dragon DA-01WD Tower Case (Review)

Quote, "... this case has a ton of great features to offer for it's very low price. On top of this, they are saying it's possibly the perfect case on the market today."


Monster-Hardware.com: Thermalright AX-7 Review

Quote, "At 600 grams and L77 x W77 x H80 (mm) massive is the only word I know to accurately describe it."


viahardware.com: IBM 120GXP Revisited

Quote, "... an editorial on the IBM 120GXP hard drive issue, in regards to their 333 hour of operation verbiage."


ipKonfig.com: Sky Hawk Economical Aluminum case (Review)

Quote, "This case is very affordable and comes with a few nifty features."


reviewmakers.com: Review Of Innoboard BD-7300D KT266A Motherboard

Quote, "This is a debut attempt from InnoVision to create their first socket-A motherboard based on VIA KT266A chipset. The main selling point is the price, which is unbelievably low over here. So we took one off the streets and did some comparative benchmark testing on it to see if it is really valued for money. The results were amazing as we compare it with a MSI K7T266 Pro2 motherboard."


hardwareluxx.de: Cebit News Part 1, Part 2 XBox Launch in Berlin

Cebit Coverage Part 1 : Soyo, Gigabyte, Abit, Chaintech, Leadtek, Shuttle, Tyan, Cebit Coverage Part 2 : Epox, ASUS, Soltek, QDI, DFI, AOpen, FIC, a few cases and VGA cards and XBox-Launch in Berlin. In German.


bit-tech.net: Home made Fan - This r0x!!!!

Quote, "... here is the homemade mod for the lighted fan. Pcmods.com was selling this mod for $50; however, being the poor college student that I am I thought I could build it cheaper. The bill came out to be $23 and I had enough parts for two."


vr-zone.com: SiS645DX Performance Review

Quote, "SiS645DX chipset is one of the highlight by SiS at CeBIT where this chipset will provide 533Mhz support for Pentium 4 and of course DDR333 support as well."


bench-house.com: Radeon 8500 Video Card Review

Quote, "Bench House decided to award ATI's product with its highest award - Editor's choice award."






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