Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 15, 2002


theinquirer.net: Microsoft Designing CPUs, Graphics Chips

Quote, "That rumour-mongerette Eva Glass reckons there's some truth to the following."


bit-tech.net: A Tale of a Two Eyed Mouse

Quote, "More mouse madness for March from Macro as the Mouseman Dual Optical Mouse from Logitech is put through its paces and the question asked, "Are two heads better than one?"


viahardware.com: Tyan Tiger MPX Review

Quote, "Based on the AMD MPX chipset, it's easy to see where it got it's name. The MPX chipset consists of an AMD-762 Northbridge and an AMD-768 Southbridge."


amdzone.com: Nvidia Announces New nForce Chipsets


bit-tech.net: Office Keyboard!

Quote, "After a little perusing, I finally came to the conclusion that Microsoft generally make good hardware for some bizarre reason, so I'd treat myself to a new MS Keyboard. Like a fool, I'd already set my sights on one of the new fangled Office Keyboards."


4peeps.com:  f3 ti200 GIVEAWAY

Quote, "...new tech site, www.4peeps.com .  They have a nice giveaway already, and you can expect more like that from 4peeps.com.  Check it out, a Hercules GeForce3 Ti200, for a few forums post."


CuttingTheEdge.com Relaunches

Quote, "After a few motnhs of down time CuttingTheEdge.com returns with a few features that will get you going. Along with a mouse and mouse pad review they have also included info on what American McGee, the man behind that small *cough* Alice game. Along with those features they have plopped out 10 new Max Payne backgrounds, along with 13 Return To Castle Wolfie backgrounds. All the backgrounds are well done and deserve your attention."





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