Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 13, 2002


amdzone.com: Athlon XP 2100+ Review

Quote, "Overclocking the 2100+ allowed for just over 1.9Gz, or more precisely 1924MHz at 1.9V with the Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu.  At this speed the benchmarks tested ran well, but any higher and errors started occurring.  It would be logical that if a better cooler were used a higher MHz would be reached, but even with minimal overclocking related testing the 2100+ faired quite well."


amdmb.com: AMD Athlon XP 2100+ Processor Review

Quote, "The Athlon XP 2100+ processor is a needed stepping upgrade from the Athlon line of processors. With all the talk of the Intel Northwood processors, AMD needed a new product to become the flagship item. But, will this be enough?"


pchardware.com: Epox 4DBA2+ Review

Quote, "The motherboard is extremely stable and can be overclocked very well. In BIOS you can find almost all you need to successfully increase the clocks: voltages, set multipliers, ratios, memory timings. These features combined with RAID UDMA133, diagnostic features and very good performance make from 4DBA2+ one of the best solutions on the market."


hardwareluxx.com: ASUS A7V333 Mainboard and QDI PlatinX 2S Mainboard

Pictures and specifications on the motherboards. Click on a picture to enlarge it. In German.


planet3dnow.de: Asus A7V266-EX Review

Quote, "We proudly present you our new Asus A7V266-EX review. If you need an online-translator for German->English, you might find one here: http://world.altavista.com/"



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