Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 11, 2002


teccentral.de:  Review of the Epox EP-4BDA2+

The new Epox EP-4BDA2+ mainboard is based on the Intel 845D  chipset.


bit-tech.net: Modified EG465P-VE 431W PSU

Quote, "Macro checks out the Enermax EG465P-VE 431W PSU then whacks it with his modding stick."


hardwareluxx.com: Coolermaster ATC210 Tested

Quote, "It has front USB ports, the mainboard tray can be taken out completly and the design is great!" In German.


digital-Explosion.co.uk: Digital-Explosion Plans Watercooling Ram

Quote, "We've done the CPU, the PSU, the GPU and the Hard drives. What does that leave us? We stared intently into our computers looking for something, anything else we could watercool. What did we see? You've got it. The sytem Ram."


overclockers.com: Sydney ITExpo 200

Quote, "... interesting things there, such as a waterproof fan, some new Lian-Li cases, AMD's XP2100+ CPU and KingMax's DDR400 memory."


socketa.com: New Tyan Bios Files

Quote, "Tyan has posted new bios files for all of their Dual Athlon boards.  I have full details at my site."


amdmb.com: Cooler Master ATC-600 Desktop Case Review

Quote, "This is a micro-ATX case that has a very unique design and is great for a small profile system." 


vr-zone.com: Inno3D Tornado GF4 MX440 Review

Quote, "This card sports a brownish-black PCB and equipped with a Silver Orb cooler. It is fitted with 4 x 16MB 4ns Samsung DDR memory which is above the memory specifications of the GF4 MX440 and we have managed to overclocked the card from 270/400Mhz to 320/500Mhz."


Digital-Explosion.co.uk: Ascent AC7000E Heatsink Review

Quote, "It looks well made and overall a solid heatsink. The idea behind the Ascent block is very simple. It has 25 relatively thin aluminium fins and a copper base."


socketa.com: New Asus bios files

Quote, "I have posted links to 6 new Asus Socket A motherboard bios files.  They include boards based on VIA, Nvidia, and Ali chipsets."


Hardwareluxx.com: Coolermaster ATC110 Tested

Case Review in German.



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