Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 5, 2002


socketa.com: Biostar M7VIB-A Review

Quote, "The Biostar M7VIB-A is an excellent board for those looking for a low cost and stable KT266A solution with maximum memory expandability.  If Biostar could improve performance and add additional overclocking features it would certainly improve upon the board.  With the current design and cost figures it is very competitive on the low end."


hardwareluxx.com: English Review : Epox 4BDA2+

Quote, "The Epox 4BDA2+ did very good in our tests. We tested it also in overclocking a P4 1.6 Ghz Northwood, and we were able to clock it all the way up to 142 Mhz FSB. We also tried to do a litte DDR-SDRAM overclocking and the Epox 4BDA2+ was rock stable with a DRAM clock of 185 Mhz (370 DDR). Thatīs the reason for our award. ... and the award is the reason for our translation."


Slautech.com: Neon Light Case Review

Quote, "The Neon Light comes with two very cleverly designed cdrom drive covers. These covers will only mount in the top two 5.25" bays."

lostcircuits.com: IDF Spring 2002

Quote, "Even though the approach to the Hammer family is evolutionary, meaning that the actual processor core was carried over from the existing K7 design, it is a rare accomplishment that the very first silicon, that is Rev. A0 is already fully functional, at least to the point where the CPU is capable of running a standard operating system and not just do one addition and one multiplication at the time."


vr-zone.com: eVGA e-GeForce4 MX440 Review

VR-Zone reviews the eVGA e-GeForce4 card based on the NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 GPU.


bit-tech.net:  Linear pulls out all the stops once more!

Quote, "Linear has posted his walkthrough to creating an acrylic case. And...um...its good. Very good. Insanely good. Amazingly insanely very good! 16 page article on how to create a clear acrylic case from scratch!"


Digital-Explosion.co.uk: Digital-Explosion Releases Its Wallpaper To Celebrate Hitting 100K Hits

Quote, " We have now hit a target that seemed so so far away less than 2 months ago. With your help and our articles we have now topped the 100,000 hits marker."


tech-central.com: Toshiba SDM-1612 DVD-Reader Review



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