Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: March 3, 2002


Digital-Explosion.co.uk: Winroute and Networking

Quote, "Most people have 2 or more computers nowadays and have got themselves a nice little LAN. Digital-Explosion with the help of Nick Hall from Internewt.org.uk have detailed some of the uses of Kerio's Winroute on the home lan. Everything from simple networking to Ad-Removal and port mapping. Check it out. Secure your home LAN and let the fun begin."

thinktechie.com: Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical review

Quote, "Now this is not merely a mouse, nor merely a keyboard, when you buy the Cordless Freedom Optical you get both a mouse and keyboard, cordless ones too. Thats not to mention that the mouse is also everyone's favorite variety, optical! "


ipkonfig.com: KingWin KCU-7025 Copper Heatsink (Review)

Quote, "While other heatsinks are getting louder to keep up with the pace, this heatsink does the opposite and maintains good performance."


socketa.com: Thunder K7X S2468 Revealed

Quote, "Tyan has revealed details about the Thunder K7X S2468.  This is the successor to the Thunder K7."


Digital-Explosion.co.uk: PSU Watercooling

Quote, "Add a watercooled PSU to a system that already has the quietest drives, the watercooled CPU, GPU and Northbridge and the only thing you hear when you turn it on is a small click as the pump turns on. Gotta love that watery goodness."


penstarsys.com: Massive State of 3D Update

Quote, " New information on ATI, Matrox, NVIDIA and Imagination Tech is supplied (as well as VIA, SiS, Intel, and others), with some interesting surprises for all of them.  2002 looks to be a banner year for 3D, but 2003 looks even better!"



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