Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: February 11, 2002


ThinkTechie.com: KSM-GOLD Case Review

Quote: "Don't let the name fool you, The outer chassis is charcoal grey with a reflective grey/chrome front with textured covers for the bays."


zzz.com: ZZZ Issue 116

Quote: "This week, we talk about flexible transistors, a device which can be implanted such that it shocks the person/animal when they go near certain objects, and a big soccer ball-like mars probe."


lostcircuits.com: NexLand ISB Pro800turbo

Quote: " The Nexland ISB Pro800turbo, with a $400 price tag, is not the standard el-cheapo router / firewall but it's worth every dime".


amdmb.com: Tyan Tiger MPX Motherboard Review

Quote: "... is Tyan right for you? .... You need a stable system that is going to work for you day in and day out, without hiccups. Tyan is known for that. In fact, both of the Amdmb.com web servers are currently running Tyan dual-Athlon motherboards with uptimes going on 60 days."


Planet 3DNow!.de: RD2 PC Geiger Review

Quote: "As you all know, port80 diagnostic cards can be pretty handy when it comes to investigating the cause of a boot failure. But if the mentioned unit can also display the PCI-, AGP- and FSB-frequency it can be called something special." In German.







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