Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: February 10, 2002


ipkonfig.com: Blizzard Z4 Internal Water Cooling Kit (Review)

Quote: "The Blizzard Z4 consists of very few parts, is easy to install, and is 100% internal. The best part about the Blizzard Z4: it's hand-made by OverclockersHideout!!"


amdmb.com: MSI G3Ti500 Pro VTG CARD


BlargOC.com: Gainward GeForce3 Ti/550 Golden Sample Review

Quote: " Open up the box and you're greeted by a very flash looking red PCB (perfect for those who want to create a colour 'theme' inside their PC) featuring not simply TV-Out but VIVO support along with a decent selection of software, Intervideo's WinDVD 3.0, WinProducer and WinCoder to allow you to watch, edit and encode MPEG2 files, a very interesting proposition for the home editing fan who wants top notch 3D performance as well."


overclockersonline.com: Lian Li PC35 Case Review

Quote: "The PC35 is intended for use at offices, for people who don't have much hardware and who like a small case that can easily be integrated in their room or for LANners. Indeed, I think this case could be a real winner at LAN parties. It's size and weight make it easy to transport and the removable racks could be handy to swap data...."


amdmb.com: MSI GeForce 3 Ti500 Pro-VTG (MS-8854) Review

Quote: "The G3Ti500 Pro-VTG is the flagship of their range and is basically the same as the GeForce 3 Ti500 reference card that I reviewed at the end of December last year, but with the added features like the VIVO (video in & video out) and the 3D Stereo2-Glasses that seem to be bundled with most high end cards these days."

penstarsys.com: GeForce 4 MX/Go Preview/Justification

Quote: "NVIDIA knew that it needed to address the needs of the mainstream, but that it couldn’t simply release the GeForce 3 to that market simply because it is far too expensive of a part to produce (at this time) to be feasible. This situation actually turned into a great opportunity for NVIDIA, as it could kill many birds with one stone. And that stone is the NV-17 architecture."






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