Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: February 7, 2002


overclockers.com: RAID 0 Shootout with ATA-100 and ATA-133!

Quote: "There's a detailed look at performance differences between some ATA-133 and ATA-100 drives, how much difference RAID 0 really makes, the performance of software RAID under WindowsXP and a few other things...."


ipkonfig.com: Akasa Silver Mountain2 HSF Review

Quote: "The Silver Mountain2 is 10 mm wider and 4 mm taller for a total dimension including the fan of 70 (W) x 60 (L) x 69 (H) mm, whereas the Silver Mountain is 60 (W) x 60 (L) x 65 (H) mm."


bit-tech.net: Macroblack Part 3 is Up!

Quote: "The saga continues with part 3 of Macro Black - The face lift."


Hardwareluxx.com: Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus D540X 120 GB

Quote: "This time we took a look at the DiamondMaxPlus D540X with a capacity of 120 GB. This big boy spins with 5400rpm and comes with the new ATA/133 interface." In German.






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