Press Release: National Scientific Corporation Granted CIP Patent On Tunnel Diode Manufacturing Process   
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Date: October 11, 2001


NSCT granted Continuation in Process (CIP) Patent #6301147 from the U.S. Patent Office for the manufacturing process of their Tunnel Diode Controlled Memory Products.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 10 - National Scientific Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: NSCT) announced today that it has been granted Continuation in Process (CIP) Patent #6301147 from the U.S. Patent Office for the manufacturing process of their Tunnel Diode Controlled Memory Products.

Graham Clark, Vice President of Technology Applications and Director of Global Sales & Marketing for National Scientific Corporation (NSC), said, "This new CIP patent is an important addition to NSC's intellectual property portfolio. We now have protection in the manufacturing processes of tunnel diodes that form a critical basis of both our TMOS(TM) and TDRAM(TM) memory architectures. The recent short loop process run completed at NMRC in Ireland was based on this newly patented CIP. During the coming weeks we will be refining and optimizing our process with an eye towards offering fully characterized discreet diode components early next year."

NSC's President, Michael Grollman, stated, "This tunnel diode CIP patent underpins a considerable portion of our recent efforts." Mr. Grollman added, "We have repositioned our product offering around Mobile Communications (MoCo) technology and to enhance our potential customers' understanding of NSC's product line, we have developed the Atomy Digital Technology (ADT) concept -- when space and power are at the highest premium."

Mr. Clark added, "NSC's ADT products are ideally targeted to the MoCo market where size, power consumption and cost reduction are of top concern. NSC's design and development work is geared towards significantly reducing size, power, and size requirements of critical components used in these devices. Our memory technologies will offer ultra-low-power consumption in both SRAM and DRAM architectures, our super efficient RF components will offer improved Q or substantially better gain for a considerably smaller size, and our power management devices offer major C-V improvements over existing technology all of which are important features that are in demand from the mobile communications industry."

Mr. Lou Ross, Chairman and CEO, concluded by saying, "We are listening to our customers' requirements and by applying our ADT designs to meet these needs, we will provide our mobile and wireless device OEM customers with a product line that offers significant integrated competitive advantages."

About National Scientific
National Scientific Corporation, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, has developed the Atomy Digital Technology (ADT) family of electronic components and designs, all intended to service portable electronic OEM customers. ADT devices are designed for real-world applications where power and space are at the highest premium, such as SmartCards, mobile & PDA computing, cellular, general wireless and other general portable applications. The company's basket of technologies and patents covers a wide range of devices including fast ultra-low-power and ultra-dense memory, amplifiers, inductors, resonators, and other new high-efficiency versions of basic electronic designs. For more information about the company, its people, and its technology, please visit http://www.national-scientific.com.

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