Press Release: CMTL (Computer Memory Test Labs) Approves Kentron Technologies’ 1-GB, Low Profile, 133-MHz, Registered, ECC DIMM for Intel/STL2 (Tupelo) motherboard
Posted By Kathy Smith

Date: October 11, 2001


A new CMTL-certified 1-GB, PC133 Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM) for 1U, hyper dense and blade server applications is now available from Kentron Technologies.


Wilmington, MA, (October 10, 2001) – Kentron Technologies (www.kentrontech.com), a leader in the design of advanced memory platforms today announced that CMTL (Computer Memory Test Labs), a leading independent memory module testing laboratory that performs motherboard compatibility testing and certification for memory module vendors in the computer industry, has certified Kentron Technologies as a qualified vendor for Intel’s STL2 (Tupelo) motherboard. Kentron’s 1.2-inch, 1GB Registered, PC133 ECC memory module, part number KT12872SRN3R-14V8 is the lowest profile, non-stacked, 1GB memory module available in the market place today. It is the only non-stacked, low profile, 1GB module to be approved by CMTL on Intel’s server motherboards.

CMTL has one of the most stringent memory qualifications in the industry. Modules tested by CMTL must pass a strict incoming inspection before testing begins, including caliper measurements, PCB inspection and documentation, and insertion tests. In order to pass these precise standards, memory modules must maintain the highest manufacturing procedures and pass a battery of tests. CMTL tests modules under extreme conditions, which include high and low temperatures and high and low voltage in a test known in the industry as “Four Corner Testing”. Testing is performed with equipment and procedures defined by each desktop, server and workstation manufacturer.

“CMTL has validated what Kentron and our customer base already know, if you are looking for high density in a small profile, FEMMA technology is the right solution” said Joseph Capaldo, Product Marketing Manager at Kentron Technologies. “FEMMA once again proved to the industry that it is the only non-stacked, high density solution that provides industry wide compatibility and excellent thermal characteristics,” concluded Capaldo.

The KT12872SRN3R-XXV8 DIMM is also compatible with Intel’s SBT2 high-end server motherboard, as well as with Supermicro’s 370DLE/370DLIII and ASUS’ CURDLS server motherboards.

Founded in 1996, Kentron Technologies specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced memory products and platforms to meet the speed and density requirements of high performance systems. With patented memory solutions, Kentron is pioneering new technologies that will lay the foundation for future platforms and networks and solve the memory density and speed issues faced by the Internet server and router marketplace. These memory platforms achieve the highest “per socket” densities in the world without the premium costs that might be expected of such leading edge technology. Kentron manufactures its products in three locations in the United States and maintains a world-class engineering and R&D facility in Massachusetts. Kentron Technologies corporate headquarters is based at 155 West Street in Wilmington. MA.

Additional information is available at the Company’s website www.kentrontech.com. Kentron Technologies and FEMMA are registered trademarks of Kentron Technologies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.



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