Press Release: Kentron Technologies Launches International Alliance For Implementation Of "Quad Band Memory" (QBM) Technology


Posted By Kathy Smith

Date: November 15, 2001

QBM technology uses today’s existing DDR SDRAM memory devices to double the memory bandwidth to the highest in the industry and provide balance with the fastest system processors.

Wilmington, MA (November 15, 2001) -
Kentron Technologies, a leading provider of next generation memory technologies, has announced the formation of a new international alliance aimed at positioning its Quad Band Memory (QBM) technology as an industry standard. The Kentron Technologies’ QBM Alliance Program provides its members with sales and technical assistance as well as broad marketing support such as added Internet presence and traditional marketing and promotional activities. It is a mechanism whereby key industry vendors, representing best-in-class complementary solutions to Kentron’s QBM memory technology, can participate in the evaluation and implementation of products using QBM memory related technology and receive the most current updated technical design assistance.

The QBM technology is a module or board based technology that meets the bandwidth needs of the market place and extends the performance of existing DDR1 devices. QBM technology uses existing DDR devices (2.1 GB/sec bandwidth) and delivers the bandwidth expected from future memory devices such as DDR2 and ADT (4.2 GB/sec bandwidth). The QBM technology provides cost savings and a dramatic performance improvement over future DDR333 and DDR2 modules and other non-DDR compatible, more expensive memory technologies.

"Kentron’s Quad Band Memory technology has an excellent price/performance capability," said Kevin Silver, Vice President of Marketing for Denali Software, Inc. "By joining the QBM Alliance, we can provide our customers with yet another option for their high-performance memory systems. We look forward to working with the QBM Alliance to develop the tools and technology to support fast and efficient designs with this promising technology."

"Kentron's QBM provides, in our opinion, a very promising solution for memory systems, by doubling the available bandwidth of the fastest existing solutions at a competitive cost", said Fabrice Gringore, Product Marketing Engineer with STMicroelectronics. "We have been working with Kentron to help enable the technology and we are now moving forward as a member of the QBM Alliance."

"QBM offers an innovative technique for doubling memory bandwidth utilizing existing components," said Jim Holbrook, Marketing and Applications Manager at Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. "This technology gives users the performance today promised by future memory standards such as DDR2 and ADT. ICS has been working together with Kentron Technologies to enable QBM and is committed to providing complete clocking solutions for this and other memory technologies."

"It is our goal to support our customers with all available memory options and QBM appears to have real promise," said John Hughes, Sr. VP Business Development at PNY Technologies, Inc.

"At introduction, the QBM Alliance membership already includes VIA Technologies, Acer Laboratories Inc., STMicroelectronics, Denali Software, Integrated Circuit Systems, PNY Technologies Inc., Avant Technology, and Peripheral Enhancements Corporation" said Bob Goodman, Kentron’s CEO. "The goal of this alliance is to continue to work with industry leading companies to implement the price/performance leading QBM technology into computer systems and telecommunication routers."

The Alliance program has been developed to include leading companies that provide critical DDR based system solutions such as memory controllers, system motherboards, routers, components and memory modules. Alliance members receive available resources from Kentron that includes QBM modules, simulation models, design guides, documentation, and engineering support for technology evaluation and product implementation.

Additionally, Kentron includes its members as part of the Alliance Program on the QBM web site, www.QuadBandMemory.com, as well as all of the QBM related, press and marketing communication activities. Kentron will also provide available marketing support to the QBM Alliance members for their related marketing activities.


Founded in 1996, Kentron Technologies specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced memory products and platforms to meet the speed and density requirements of high performance systems. With patented memory solutions, Kentron is pioneering new technologies that will lay the foundation for future platforms and networks and solve the memory density and speed issues faced by the Internet server and router marketplace. These memory platforms achieve the highest “per socket” densities in the world without the premium costs that might be expected of such leading edge technology. Kentron manufactures its products in three locations in the United States and maintains a world-class engineering and R&D facility in Massachusetts. Kentron Technologies corporate headquarters is based at 155 West Street in Wilmington. MA.

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