Press Release: VIA Gains C3 / Apollo Pro266 "Blade" Server Win

Posted By Van Smith

Date: July 30, 2001

VIA toNEXCOM builds High Density Blade Servers around Low Power VIA C3(tm) Processor and VIA Apollo Pro266 Chipset Platform.

With...Revolutionary NEXCOM HiServers employ cool processing VIA C3 processor and low voltage DDR memory to provide a combination of high performance and power efficiency in ultra dense computing environments.

Taipei, Taiwan, 30th July 2001 - VIA Technologies, Inc today announced that NEXCOM, the leading supplier of Industrial PC solutions, is to use the VIA

C3(tm) processor and VIA Apollo Pro266 Cchipset platform to power its new series of HiServer high density blade servers.

The NEXCOM HiServer addresses the burgeoning demand for scalable, powerful, and easy to maintain server solutions for Corporate Data Centres, Web Hosting operations, and other high intensity computing and storage facilities. By using the VIA C3(tm) processor at speeds of up to 800MHz and the VIA Apollo Pro266 Cchipset platform with up to 4.0GB of ultra fast DDR memory, the HiServer can provide the performance and stability required to run the most demanding mission critical applications, while optimizing power efficiency and producing the minimum amount of heat.

In the ultra dense computing environment of the HiServer, with its highly integrated design that can stack tens or even hundreds of servers in one 19" rack, the cool processing features of the VIA C3(tm) processor based system can make a significant difference to reliability and energy costs. NEXCOM reports that HiServer employing the VIA C3(tm) processor up to speeds of 800MHz can lower system power consumption to less than 30 watts per blade server.

"There are some high density servers built with the Transmeta's Crusoe CPU." said Ted Yang, President NEXCOM USA. "However, these servers are only for the entry-level. We looked for a Socket 370 CPUs that could offer the flexibility to support single or Dual Processor architecture and migrate to higher speeds while maintaining, low heat dissipation and power efficient properties. The VIA C3(tm) processor was a natural choice. Combined with the VIA Apollo Pro266 chipset, we are confident we have a scalable and high performance platform that will prove a success in the marketplace"

"VIA Technologies, Inc. is proud that our processor and chipset platform has been chosen to power such a revolutionary design as the NEXCOM HiServer series" said Richard Brown, Director of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. He continued, "The High Density server space is a perfect application for the energy efficient VIA C3(tm) processor"

NEXCOM HiServer Series

The NEXCOM HiServer is a flexible and scalable blade server system designed for high density computing environments including web hosting operations and corporate data centres. The HiServer series uses the standard SDRAM, or the DDR modules depending on the model. It also uses off-the-shelf 2.5" HDD, and most importantly the standard Intel Socket 370-based CPUs ranging from the power efficient VIA C3(tm) CPU up to the brand new Tualatin Intel Pentium® III 1GHz microprocessor. The latest version, the HiServer320 has 20 blade type servers built into a 3U rack mounted chassis and is in mass production from July. <http://>

VIA C3 processor

The VIA C3(tm) is the first processor in the world to be manufactured using leading-edge 0.13 and 0.15 micron manufacturing process, and boasts the world's smallest x86 processor die size of only 52mm2. As the coolest running processor on the market today, the VIA C3(tm) delivers ultra low power consumption and world class levels of stability. It is fully Socket 370 compatible and is available at speeds of up to 800MHz. It also comes with 128KB Level 1 and 64KB Level 2 full speed cache, as well as support for a 100/133MHz Front Side Bus and MMX(tm) and 3DNow! multimedia instructions, to ensure robust levels of performance for all the most popular mainstream software and Internet applications.

VIA Apollo Pro266

Coupling support for high-bandwidth DDR266 SDRAM with a 133MHz Front Side Bus, AGP 4X, and VIA's new high-speed 266MB/sec V-Link Hub Architecture, the VIA Apollo Pro266 provides the ultimate balanced platform for building a wide range of ultra-powerful Intel Pentium® III, Intel Celeron(tm) and VIA C3(tm) processor based servers, workstations, and PC systems.


NEXCOM, an ISO-9001 certified company, is at the forefront of innovative development in the industrial PC industry. The company designs and manufactures single board computers, CompactPCI®, embedded controllers and network server for mission critical applications. With innovative technology and quality assurance, NEXCOM has created nine NSTL-certified models that meet the international standard requirement. The company markets its products through Original Equipment Manufacturers and NEXCOM's brand name. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company provides worldwide sales through distributors and subsidiaries in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. www.nexcom.com <http://www.nexcom.com>

About VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc. is the world's leadinga fabless supplier of PC core logic chipsets, microprocessors, and multimedia and communications chips. VIA delivers value to the PC industry by designing, marketing, and selling high-performance VIA Apollo core logic chipsets for the full range of PC platforms, as well as cost-effective VIA C3(tm) processors for Value PCs and Internet Appliances. Its customers include the world's top OEMs, mainboard manufacturers, and system integrators. VIA is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, at the center of the Greater China high-tech manufacturing engine, and has branch offices in the US, China and Europe. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE2388), and achieved annual revenues of nearly US$1 billion in 2000.

www.viatech.com <http://www.viatech.com>


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