Posted By: Van Smith

Date: December 30, 2001


Win an Xbox

ipKonfig is giving away an Xbox.  You've got to sign up for their forum access to be eligible.


Config Guide for the MSI K7T266 Pro2 /RU

TecCentral.de sends us: "Finally we can present the Config Guide for the MSI K7T266 Pro2. Over more than 500 e-mails from our visitors asked for this Guide.  This contains many tips for a better performance and more of stability, too."


Heat Seeker Watercooled Lian Li Review
Tim Verbist writes, "Overclockers Online posted a review of the "Heat Seeker", a modified Lian Li case with a Z4 watercooler config preinstalled. How does it perform, what's the quality level and how does it look? Answers to these questions and more are in the review..."


Modified Digidoc Article

I took a look at one of these nifty devices at THG.  Koolvin quotes, "Okay, well the digital Doc is a great product, but there is one thing that we don't like about it. The darn LCD Screen is a amber color.. ewwww! So, we change it and show you how!"



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