Press Release: AMD Partners With Semi And Industry Leaders To Develop Security Framework For Web-Based Collaboration


Posted By Kathy Smith

Date: December 20, 2001

NIST-funded project to improve manufacturing productivity.

AMD will share its expertise in developing manufacturing systems software in a joint venture effort of semiconductor industry leaders to develop, prototype and validate an Internet-based security framework. Creating this security framework will remove a significant barrier to widespread acceptance of eManufacturing models. eManufacturing allows all participants in the manufacturing process - from customers to suppliers to fab operators to quality control - to share information and automate processes. Through the use of process control technologies and factory-wide integration, eManufacturing can provide greater flexibility and responsiveness to the customer, reduce cycle times and improve quality, thereby enhancing productivity. AMD, long recognized as a leader in developing advanced process control technologies, continues to demonstrate its commitment to quality and the customer with its participation in this project. AMD will work with domainLogix, ILS Technology and Oceana Sensor Technologies in a project managed by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) and partially funded by a $5 million grant from the National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST). Companies participating in the venture will share costs in the project, which has a total budget of approximately $10.1 million.

"AMD is renowned for its manufacturing excellence, which is, in part, attributable to the process and control software developed by AMD. We're excited to be able to share our expertise in this area to help develop a security framework that allows not only our company and tools to communicate with one another, but with tool manufacturers and other companies as well - and all in an environment that is secure and protects everyone's proprietary information," said Charles Clark, director of AMD's Manufacturing Systems group. "Such sharing of information will allow huge improvements in manufacturing productivity. This is just another example of how AMD works with the industry to develop technologies that benefit everyone."

The venture is expected to reach its goals within three years. Its approach will be validated by building eDiagnostics and eManufacturing applications, demonstrating how security problems are resolved by these applications, and by offering compelling improvements in factory effectiveness. The vendor and party-neutral framework will be developed as an open standard. The project aims to create a flexible firewall - a distributed architecture that can protect any accessible device - from a factory server down to an embedded sensor - and that enforces the security policies of the fab and the equipment suppliers.

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