Joel Hruska                               



I came into the world at a very young age in 1979. Life was good--my parents threw scraps of food down into the basement on a fairly regular basis, and every now and then I got to play with Kitty. Kitty was a lot of fun. Tigers aren't known for having a good sense of humor though, so every now and then Kitty would get mad and maul me. I always got in trouble when Kitty mauled me.

I grew up in Southwest Indiana, where my young eyes discovered the glory of the computer at the age of eight. My parents thought this was wonderful because it gave me something to do other than follow them around begging for food all the time. I liked computers. My first program generated an equation to create world peace. Unfortunately it crashed. So I downloaded Space Wars and had fun with that.

I went to DePauw University where I majored in political science and studied classical singing.

If you are wondering about the usefulness of such majors, don't worry--so am I.

I graduated in 2001 and began the lengthy process of begging for work. Coincedentally, just as I graduated, the entire economy crashed. I am hoping its just a coincedence, but I'm noticing that the longer I search for work, the lower the economy gets. I have begun to suspect it is my fault and am considering retiring to a small shack to eat Doritos and yell at small children in order to help the economy recover.

When not jumping up and down, I enjoy swing dancing, singing, martial arts, video games, swimming, rock climbing, playing with my dog, reading, following hardware news, and cranking out articles for Van's Hardware. I live near Indianapolis, I brush my teeth, help old ladies across the street, and always wash behind my ears. I've owned a variety of small businesses, been a computer game mod writer (I created the Cold Fusion mod for Diablo II) and can be found wandering around as Dputiger or Jarda Fireheart (my mod making name) on the rare occasions I leave the asylum.