Nils Responds to Penstarsys'

64 Bit Top to Bottom Article

By Nils Dahl

Date: April 30, 2002

I am but a heartbeat away from winning an AMD/nVidia mb/processor package. I can feel it! Just the combination I want to start out with - MSI K7N420 Pro and nice Athlon XP (well, not a Thoroughbred). With my luck, well, .........

somebody will claim that my articles represent AMD support and make me ineligible or something like that.

That Penstarsys article - well, the guy evidently overlooked the licensing of Athlon to UMC - so that AMD could use its Dresden fab for Hammer and rapidly ramp up production using soi. Athlon, odd as this may seem, really is destined to become a commodity processor that will wipe out P4 markets in other countries by 2003 or during 2003. AMD just hands over finished masks and lets UMC crank out high yields of perfectly fine chips. This could be the ultimate in partnering in the computer market. The idea of Barton being 64-bit is a bit iffy to me. More likely Barton is going to be the processor that wipes out the lucrative PIII-S niche that Intel is making tons of money on. We will see in due time.

So wish me luck, please. Got my automated email thanking me for entering the contest. Funny how I didn't have to look at the web site to answer all the questions correctly. Yeah, right.

Why no desktop Thoroughbreds right now? Could AMD be holding back until the new nForce 620 ships in quantity and tested motherboards appear? Again, we will see in due time.




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