Becoming a Verb

Posted by Van Smith

Date: March 21, 2002

The last few days have been awkward and anguishing for us.  We have received many, many letters of support and we are grateful for them all.  One strange outcome of this ordeal is having oneself transformed into a verb thanks to the inquirer's Adamson Rust.  A few friends have expressed their thoughts about this bestowment.


Nils writes:

Seems that a new legend has just been created - and all because a certain Van Smith stood up for his rights - and for truth. Nice. Very nice.

Although it properly should be 'Pabsted', right?


Van: "Pabstsmeared" is more like it.  The sad thing is that Tom would be pleased with the insult, just as long as it kept his name in the public eye.


Spencer writes:

May I add:

VanSmithed (verb, transitive, past tense):

1) To have been stricken from the record, erased or deleted in order to hide one's own error.

2) Having been dealt with underhandedly due to another's lack of ethics and integrity.

3) Losing one's intellectual property through theft, misdirection and falsehood.

4) To receive a high complement in a back handed fashion due to the ineptness of one's opponent.

Quite an honor Van. You've got good company in history.


Spencer T. Kittelson


Advanced Business Automation



the inquirer's Mad Mike Magee writes:

Yup - meant as a compliment - and indeed coined to remind everyone about the case - lest they forget.



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