Scooby, Don't

By Karl Princl

Date: March 7, 2002


AMD's gross has diminished, yet their net has increased. Intel's revenue has diminished, costs are constant, and net has decreased to less than that of AMD.

Without a larger sample base (financial history) your arguement "is" unfairly one sided. It's not that AMD is unable to turn a profit (they are) or increase market share (they are), it's that the entire industry is in a nasty downturn, and even the big guys are showing poor financials. Strong players like Nvidia are increasing gross and net revenues as is Maxtor, but other big players are not. You comment on IBM increasing market share, and they too have witnessed eroding gross and net revenues.

It is nice that a tech page even begins to consider doing stock and financial evaluations.

Unfortunately, you presented one data point, and fail to highlight the "industry" downturn. Then conclude AMD's efforts are in fact indicative of failure to capture market share. If you wished to portray accurate market analysis, go to Inquest and drum up the numbers.

Then again, this tactic fits in nicely with Toms Hardware; he is known for exploited testing and methodology to arrive at a conclusion that he wishes to present. An Orwellian tactic I hope that in the future you will refrain from doing.

Interesting reading Scooby. Definitely controversial. But as a journalist, stick to the facts.


Karl Princl

IT Consulting Specialist



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