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More Linkage between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an outdated article.  To view the updated article, click here.  To see a recent summary of our Georgia Guidestones research, click here.
This is a followup to my recent Georgia Guidestones article which can be read here: http://www.vanshardware.com/2009/12/decoding-georgia-guidestone.html

The Georgia Guidestones monument is composed of three primary components: the center "Gnomen" stone, the capstone and the four "Guidestones." Their dimensions and proportions are as follows:
Capstone: 0.5m x 2m x 3m (proportions 1 : 4 : 6)
Center "Gnomen" stone: 0.5m x 1m x 5m (proportions 1 : 2 : 10)
Each Guidestone: 0.5m x 2m x 5m (proportions 1 : 4 : 10)
Last week the official height of the awe inspiring Burj Dubai, now dubbed the "Burj Khalifa," was revealed to be 828 meters or 2,717 feet tall, ten meters higher than expected.

The prime factors for the tower's height in feet are 11, 13 and 19 (11 * 13 * 19 = 2,717).

The sum of the proportions for the Georgia Guidestones capstone is 1 + 4 + 6 = 11.

The sum of the proportions for the Gnomen stone is 1 + 2 + 10 = 13.

The Guidestones each have the proportions 1 : 4 : 10. However, there are four Guidestones. Taking this into account: 1 + 4 + 10 + 4 = 19.

Astonishingly, these are the three prime factors of the height of the Burj Khalifa: 11 * 13 * 19 = 2,717.

I had derived this height weeks before publishing my Georgia Guidestones article, but did not include the information because I believed the widely cited height at that time of 818 meters was credible.

On yet another connection between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa, I updated my article after the opening of the tower with the following information:
...the Georgia Guidestones' capstone has the proportions 1 : 4 : 6 and the former emir of Dubai, Sheik Maktoum bin Rashad al Maktoum, died unexpectedly on a trip to Australia on January 4, 2006 (1 / 4 / 6). He was 62.
Considering the obvious Luciferian religious beliefs of the cultist who designed the Georgia Guidestones, the fact that the opening date (1 / 4 / 10) of the Burj Khalifa was encoded in the proportions of the Guidestones (1 : 4 : 10) very strongly suggests the two structures are linked in the manner discussed in my article.

Now add the mind-boggling fact, detailed above, that the exact height of the Burj Khalifa was encoded nearly 30 years ago in the proportions of the Georgia Guidestones' components. Combine this with the unexpected death of Dubai's ruler on January 4, 2006, a date encoded in the proportions of the Georgia Guidestones' capstone (1 : 4 : 6). Altogether, the linkage between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa is virtually a mathematical certainty.

Why would a strange and highly controversial stone monument built in a remote rural location in Georgia secretly point to the erection of the world's tallest building nearly 30 years later (and in the process leave a dead head of state in its wake)? It is not surprising that an established Luciferian sect would attempt to accomplish such a feat in order to complete their goal of attaining godhood. The astonishing and extremely worrisome issue is that they apparently succeeded in building their Tower of Babel, heralding in their New World Order and possibly setting the stage for the introduction of their fraudulent Antichrist.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an outdated article.  To view the updated article, click here.  To see a recent summary of our Georgia Guidestones research, click here.

I Like Van Smith:)
I heard you on Dr Stan's show and have a few comments:

If Satanists were no different from the Luciferians of blue lodge
Masonry, their calendar would be Egyptian/Gregorian rather than
Babylonian, their year would start at East-er, rather than at in the
autumn, their months would also be solar rather than lunar, and their
days would likewise start at sunrise, i.e. in the East, in which
direction their temples would also face.

Dr Stan & you obviously are unfamiliar with the Shriner or
Templar orders, or you'd both know that they prefer to worship the
moon god, rather than the sun god as in the Masonic mumbo-jumbo for
blue lodge consumption, which you've both fallen for. Satanism isn't
Luciferian, as it worships a different god: the god of the Muslims.

Tom C. McKenney, on p.137 of Please Tell Me, writes:
"It was to just such a scene that Moses returned, when he came down
off Mt Sinai after 40 days with God. That golden calf wasn't just a
sweet little baby cow, it was a bull calf with prominent horns and
conspicuous genital equipment."

Islam's crescent moon is symbolic of the bull's horns, as well as the
Babylonian moon god Sin, whom the Israelites evidently thought was
giving Moses his marching orders, esp. as the 'mountain of god' was
named after him. In Hinduism the moon is Chandra (also the name of
HAL's programmer in the film '2010') whose Lord is Shiva, who wears
a crescent moon in paintings.

Thus, Satan is Shiva/Sin, rather than a Lucifer of Egyptian/
Mediterranean solar & goddess cults. Surya is the sun, whose
mother Aditi is the sun goddess of Hindu solar cultists.

Although Islam's star symbolises Venus as the morning star & light-
-bringer, this was only a symbolic bone tossed by Mohammed to solar
& goddess dogmatists. Moslems freely admit this, yet issue fatwas
against those who point out that Mohammed accepted 3 moon goddesses
as daughters of his moon god. In Arabian/Aryan languages (as in the
Germanic - also "Arabyan/Aryan" according to the Nazis), the moon is
masculine, as is the main lunar deity.

1.2.10 corresponds to 01.02.2010 which reads the same in each
direction. Perhaps there's a clue in the novel or film '2010'
which revolves around the discovery of a slab on the moon,
that I thought was 1x4x9 (the squares of 1,2,3). The 1st of
February should also be looked into.

If the U.N. is moved from New York to Dubai, it's being moved
from a solar to a lunar calendar country, or from a Luciferian/
Masonic one to a Satanic/Islamic one, if Salman Rushdie is right
about the Satanic Verses.

Christians ought to be using the calendar that Christ used, which was
discovered at Qumran, based on the 364-day leap-week calendar
described in Enoch & Jubilees, and explains perfectly why the last
supper is celebrated on a different day in John's gospel than in the
other three.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an outdated article.  To view the updated article, click here.  To see a recent summary of our Georgia Guidestones research, click here.

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